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The GIA-certified colored diamonds shown below have been SOLD, but are left on the WCM website to depict just a small sampling of the types and quality of these very rare gems that WCM can obtain for clients in relatively quick order and with excellent pricing.  If you have a specific set of criteria for a fancy colored diamond, please do not hesitate to email me at or call toll-free at 877-855-9760.  Or just fill our the Request Form below.  I will be happy to discuss the most important selection criteria for colored diamonds, especially with respect to the significant differences in the requirements of cut and clarity as they are always applied to the much more common brilliant white diamond.  

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GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

-  $97,500
0.35 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy VIVID Purple PINK
( ARGYLE Inscribed )
SI2, totally eye-clean


Fancy VIVID Purple PINK 0.35 carat ROUND Brilliant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy VIVID Purple PINK 0.35 ct. ROUND cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Argyle Mine Tag #163521


Superb Pink diamond, a color class that is increasingly difficult to obtain at either a reasonable price or with a diamond body that is free of distracting inclusions.  As the Argyle mine in Western Australia exhausts more and more of the diamond pipes that have allowed open-pit mining to date, the excursion into more deep-shaft mining seems to produce Pink diamonds with more and more inclusions.

This Purple Pink diamond is truly an eye-clean specimen at SI2 since that top-down view above does not display any distracting inclusions, even to the expert eye using a 10x loupe.  The GIA diagram of inclusions supports this view since the vast majority of inclusions are found in the crown facets which are off-axis to the viewer and thus less apparent as a rule.

Purple, an even rarer color in diamond than Pink, produces a tonal quality in Pink diamonds that is very appealing, and it becomes readily apparent when comparing Pink diamonds which diamond has a Purplish versus a PURPLE modifying color.  Per GIA's guidelines and experience, Purple is approximately 20% to 30% of the color composition in a Purple Pink diamond.

This very rare Purple Pink diamond has the Argyle control number 163521 inscribed by laser on its girdle, but as is often the case with diamond cutters, the last owner of this diamond never sought or received the Argyle Mine certificate itself.  No matter.  It is without question an Argyle diamond that can be traced to a particular Argyle Tender and the Argyle Mine itself with some footwork.  Furthermore, this well-made Purple Pink diamond carries all of the characteristics of a true Argyle diamond to boot.

Did I mention that few colored diamonds are found in the Brilliant Round cut, another rarity factor for this Raspberry Diamond.



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