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Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds from WCM at 30% Below Negotiated Retail

SOLD - Archive III

The GIA-certified colored diamonds shown below have been SOLD, but are left on the WCM website to depict just a small sampling of the types and quality of these very rare gems that WCM can obtain for clients in relatively quick order and with excellent pricing.  If you have a specific set of criteria for a fancy colored diamond, please do not hesitate to email me at or call toll-free at 877-855-9760.  Or just fill our the Request Form below.  I will be happy to discuss the most important selection criteria for colored diamonds, especially with respect to the significant differences in the requirements of cut and clarity as they are always applied to the much more common brilliant white diamond.  

D.W. Young, President, Wexford Capital Mgmt.

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM216 - $14,000
1.26 carat
PEAR Cut, 

Intense Yellow ORANGE 1.26 carat Pear Cut SI3 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

My kingdom for an Orange diamond.  Maybe some of my clients are actually following my advice regarding Orange diamonds this year, but they have become very popular and sell quickly.  I find their coloration, whether predominantly orange or slightly yellowish orange, to be quite pleasing and even soothing.  There are probably psychological studies in existence that substantiate the effect of colors on people's moods, but personally, I find the "warmer" colors to be as relaxing to gaze upon as the "cooler" colors of blue and green.  The Orange hues within this diamond are evenly dispersed throughout and are accompanied by hints of yellow that add to the brilliance of the color presentation of this diamond.  As an INTENSE fancy colored diamond, there is distinct richness to the color. This would be a juicy, sun-ripened Pear indeed.  But not a juicy price.

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM214 - $75,000
0.63 carat
VIVID Purplish PINK, 


This pink diamond is a TEN out of Ten. Look how the purple secondary hues display themselves in the large facets of this classic Emerald cut!  It is merely the physics of light that is at play here where the internal reflections of the evenly dispersed Purplish Pink coloration has been diffused into sets of watery purple facets.  The gem has Even Color Distribution throughout, so the light and the angle of viewing is creating this not-unpleasant, segmented color effect.  You get two colored diamonds for the price of one:  A predominantly very rare VIVID PINK diamond and an even rarer Purple diamond.  A lovely cut diamond that is in possibly the hottest segment of the fancy colored diamond market today ....... PINK!  Add Good Symmetry and Very Good Polish along with Medium Blue Fluorescence and this gem will provide many years of enjoyment as a store of wealth and an object of beauty.

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM182 - $87,500
2.08 carat
OVAL cut!
Intense Yellow GREEN, 

Fancy Vivid Yellowish Green 2.08 carat Oval cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Don't be distracted by the carbon spot showing up on this 50x plus magnified image, because your eyes will not see them without the use of a jewelers loupe.  (And inclusions are the norm, not the exception, in colored diamonds.)  This is an eye-clean SI2 clarity colored diamond in the second most rare color:  GREEN.  We have been sourcing and selling many green diamonds to investors and collectors of late, because green is actually more rare than pink and blue on the hierarchy of colored diamond rarities.  Without the yellow secondary hue, and yellow is ever so faint in this truly GREEN diamond (hence the Yellow-Green moniker versus Green-Yellow), this diamond would be closer to $200,000 in price.  Buy extreme rarities while they are still available, because most colored diamond buyers put the gems away for 5 to 10 years and they will only be back on the market again at much, much higher prices.

VIVID Yellow 2.24 carat Radiant cut GIA certified Colored Diamond

WCM141 - $42,250
2.24 carat, Radiant
VIVID Yellow 
SI1 - SI2

Fancy Yellow-GREEN 1.35 carat Cushion cut GIA-certified Colored Diamond

WCM163 - $24,500
1.35 carats
Cushion cut
SI2, Eye-Clean w/o 10x loupe!

Deep Yellow 1.01 carat Round Brilliant cut GIA certified Colored Diamond

WCM167 - $21,500
1.01 carat
Brilliant Round cut
DEEP Yellow
(but priced like a Vivid!)

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM232 - $29,250
2.03 carats
ROUND Cut!, 
Intense Yellow, 

Fancy Intense Yellow 2.03 carat Round Cut VVS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Large rich-yellow diamonds, known in the trade as Canary Diamonds after their resemblance to the color of that diminutive domesticated song bird, are increasingly difficult to obtain.  Since yellow is one of the most affordable color categories for fancy colored diamonds, demand seems to stay at a perpetually high level.  Very pure yellow diamond in a rare round cut that makes the gem almost look like a 2.5 carat gem, a fact that makes this diamond perfect for an upscale ring.  Excellent starter colored diamond for the investor or collector.  Exceptional clarity at VVS1 with full GIA report.

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM236 - $10,175
1.55 carat
Radiant Cut, 
INTENSE Yellow, Canary

Fancy INTENSE Yellow 1.55 carat Radiant Cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond  

This is a very-aggressively priced (meaning bargain-priced!) Intense Yellow colored diamond that is deemed a Canary Yellow in the trade.  Common descriptive names per Mr. Hofer would be daffodil or saffron, but the pleased viewer of this diamond can use any term he or she would like to describe the pure Yellow color.  Yellow diamonds remain one of the most affordable color categories of rare colored diamonds, but that does not mean that as a class they have not appreciated at least 10% to 15% over the last 3 to 4 years.  And the larger carat sizes have, as expected appreciated even more due to their enhanced rarity due to weight/size.  If I was looking for a Fancy Yellow diamond for an engagement ring or stupendous gift, this remarkable buy would be my first choice.  (Did I mention the diamond's Clarity is VS2, unusually clean for a colored diamond?!)

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM237 - $53,600
5.06 carat
Cushion Cut
Fancy Yellow 
Internally Flawless, IF

Fancy YELLOW 5.06 carat Cushion Cut Internally Flawless GIA Colored Diamond

Wow!  The Mother of All Yellow Diamonds.  A movie actress would be quite pleased to have this large rock on her finger, but this is not a Hollywood & Vine or Rodeo Drive price for this Yellow diamond.  At just over $10,000 per carat, I would venture to say that this gem would easily sell for $13,000 to $15,000 per carat at such an exceptional size and at the highly-unusual Clarity of Internally Flawless.  As a colored diamond broker, I just do not see many IF colored diamonds since Mother Nature had to introduce non-carbon molecules into the inorganic soup to create color.  And along with these coloring molecules, the rule is the introduction of inclusions, clouds, or feathers, almost without fail.  As I have said numerous times in these pages, buy a large Yellow diamond while you can still find them, because they are rarities unto themselves.  Very rich yellow coloration.

S. Hofer Grading
Reports available

WCM240 - $33,600
0.85 carats Total,
0.40 and 0.45 carat, Superbly Matched PAIR
Radiant Cuts,
SI2, both Eye-Clean

Matched Pair of Intense Purplish Pink 0.85 carat Radiant Cuts SI2 Hofer-graded Colored Diamonds

This exceptionally well-matched pair of Intense Purplish Pink diamonds (reports available upon request) are noteworthy in being almost identical  in both face-up sizing and overall coloration.  Aside from the fact that they are in the increasingly rare Pink color class that is literally flying off of every dealer's shelf, this exquisite pair of colored diamonds are almost natural twins, a rare feat in Nature.  It has been noted how cheap our pricing was for such a rare pair of diamonds, but we price from the wholesale level just beyond the cutter's pricing which puts our final asking prices significantly below jewelers' or most of our competitors' pricing schema.  Impossible pair to duplicate, and within a class of fancy colored diamonds destined to set new price records in the years ahead.  ARE YOU IN THE PINK?!

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

WCM242 - $19,650
1.05 carat
Radiant Cut

Fancy VIVID Yellow-ORANGE 1.05 carat Radiant Cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

I almost feel like a citrus-grower from Florida this year with all of the wonderful orange colored diamonds that I have had the distinction to present to clients.  Well over a year ago I asked all of my diamond brokers to seek out almost pure Orange diamonds, and they have done an admirable job to date.  The exquisite, citrus-colored Orange diamond offered here is no exception.  Many of these diamonds come from India, and I think astute cutters, brokers, and collectors are catching on to the fact that these are much rarer diamonds than most realize.  It must be one of my proclivities at this stage in life, but any gem that reminds me of food seems to attract my attention.  This Yellow-ORANGE diamond is very well cut, eye-clean by a wide margin, and richly colored in a very vivid orangey/orange coloration that is evenly distributed throughout the crystalline structure.  The yellow tonal influence is less than 30% of total color presentation.

S. Hofer Grading included!

WCM173 - $10,500
3.15 carat
Trillion cut
DARK Orangey Brown, 
Knock-out Cognac!

DARK Orangey Brown 3.15 carat Trillion cut SI1 Hofer Colored Diamond

Can you see the Orange facet flashes in this beautiful gem?!  We believe many of the Brown diamonds available today are under-priced in relation to other colors, and we are going out of our way to find color combinations with this hue that will please many an eye for many a year.  And offer excellent appreciation potential to boot.

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