Fancy Colored Diamonds at 30% Plus Below Retail





Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds from WCM at 30% Below Negotiated Retail


The GIA-certified colored diamonds shown below have been SOLD, but are left on the WCM website to depict just a small sampling of the types and quality of these very rare gems that WCM can obtain for clients in relatively quick order and with excellent pricing.  If you have a specific set of criteria for a fancy colored diamond, please do not hesitate to email me at or call toll-free at 877-855-9760.  Or just fill our the Request Form below.  I will be happy to discuss the most important selection criteria for colored diamonds, especially with respect to the significant differences in the requirements of cut and clarity as they are always applied to the much more common brilliant white diamond.  

D.W. Young, President, Wexford Capital Mgmt.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $42,600
0.70 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy VIOLET Gray
VS2,  very clean


Violet Gray 0.70 ct. ROUND cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Violet Gray 0.70 ct. ROUND cut VS2 GIA Colored Diamond, Side View


Wexford Capital Management has been concentrating on finding and placing VIOLET diamonds for the last 4 years, and demand, for those "in-the-know", has been excellent and accelerating.  Violet in diamond is exceedingly rare, even rarer than Red diamonds, a fact that most dealers and collectors do not even realize.  With this very violet diamond, as exhibited in the tweezers or Side View ( Body View ) where the Gray facets of the Top Down or Table view are no longer visible, a collector or investor gets another rarity factor in the Round Brilliant cut shape.  Holding this diamond and rotating it in the light is the real test of the fire and life it exudes to the lucky viewer.

Add in very good Clarity with a VS2 grade, and this Violet Gray diamond deserves your very educated consideration.  We are on the cusp of turmoil in the global financial markets and economies, my experience in financial analysis over some 40 years tells me so ..... all of the signs of strain are appearing more and more on a daily basis around the world.  When the general American public wakes up to the necessity to quickly exit financial assets and Dollars in the near future to protect wealth, the prices of the most-rare colored diamonds will be doing a moon shot.  "Be Prepared" is the Scout's Motto.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $9,400
0.42 carat

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Fancy Pink(ish) PURPLE, Siberian origin likely
SI2-I1,  some very minor inclusions, typical of origin.


Fancy Pinkish PURPLE 0.42 carat Cushion cut SI2 I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Pinkish PURPLE 0.42 carat Cushion cut SI2 I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


I have seen a lot of fine PURPLE diamonds in my day, and this is one of the finest as to degree of pure Purple color saturation that barely suggests any secondary color modifier.  Just do not see a lot of influence from Pink or Pinkish hues in this diamond, so I am inclined to grade this diamond more of a Pinkish Purple versus a Pink Purple per GIA. 

Furthermore, while GIA grades this diamond as having SI2 clarity, I would say it is a borderline I1 diamond due to the smattering of inclusions, minor at best, on the table region.  Can you pick them out from the top-down image above?!  Almost impossible to see them based on the richness of Purple color of the diamond.  Almost a Grape colored diamond via the Table View.

The inclusions actually provide an indication as to color description AND origin of this diamond.  The degree of Purple saturation combined with the type of inclusions strongly suggest that this diamond came out of Russia; specifically, the Siberian region of Russia is well-known for producing this very fine quality of almost Pure Purple diamond.

Worthy of the most discriminating collector's consideration and acquisition, hands down.  This diamond is also a borderline Intense level of saturation, but I will resist making that observation.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $35,200
0.26 carat

Oval Brilliant Cut
Fancy Deep Grayish Violetish BLUE
VS1, totally eye-clean


DEEP Grayish Violetish BLUE 0.26 carat OVAL cut VS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

DEEP Grayish Violetish BLUE 0.26 carat OVAL cut VS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side or Body View


Because of Mother Nature's artful mix of VIOLET and BLUE hues and tonal qualities within this very rare colored diamond, one's brain almost labels this diamond a Purple diamond in overall coloration.  This is what the side or body view above is telling me about this extremely rare diamond, but one cannot state offhand that the GIA color description of Grayish Violetish Blue is not incorrect either without having the benefit of a Stephen Hofer Colored Diamond report on this magnificent specimen.  Available at my cost for the buyer of this one-of-a-kind diamond.

From the top-down or Table view of this diamond, there is a mosaic of color emanating from within the carbonic gem in such a way that one can identify grayish hues, violetish hues, bluish hues, and, due to the proximity of Blue and Violet to the Purple region of color, purplish hues.  A truly unique color diamond in all aspects of color grading.

With any component of VIOLET within the diamond, the price per carat of just over $135,000 per carat is very modest from the $200,000 per carat to $500,000 per carat pricing I have seen in the marketplace today.  Buy rarity before it becomes popular.  As a diamond from the Argyle Mine in western Australia, the fact that less than two violet diamonds per year have appeared at the Argyle Tender Offer over the last decade is a testament to the extreme rarity of all things VIOLET in the diamond world.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $77,500
1.41 carat

OVAL Brilliant Cut
Fancy VIOLET Gray
SI1, clean visually


Fancy VIOLET Gray 1.41 carat Oval Cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy VIOLET Gray 1.41 carats Oval Brillian cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


The color VIOLET in diamond is almost as rare as the color Red, just try finding a predominantly Violet diamond in the marketplace.  This diamond could have been graded a Gray Violet diamond since the side view, the second image, shows a preponderance of Violet coloration versus Grayish hues.  At over a carat, this diamond is a true rarity and will not last long at this price.  Being Eye-Clean at SI1 Clarity also adds to its value since most violets have some visible inclusions.

As Pink diamonds have gotten a little pricey at this junction with all of the publicity about them, especially any that have Argyle provenance, my inclination is to continue to concentrate my sales efforts in the Purple, Violet, Cognac, and unique Gray diamonds.  Find excellent value for clients and present them with top-drawer specimens that will survive the test of time and markets with respect to holding and gaining value.

While the GIA Colored Diamond Report is called a "color only" report in the trade, this gem has been analyzed by one of my overseas gemologists with GIA training who grades the diamond at the SI1 level of Clarity.  Very eye clean diamond worthy of the most discriminating buyer who either collects fancy colored diamonds and/or invests in them.

EuroLand has entered into its own massive Quantitative Easing regimen this date, printing Euro's to buy Government Bonds issued in the Eurozone, a la the very misguided past policies of the U.S. Federal Reserve.  The Euro won't be worth a plug nickel at this rate, and Europeans know well what the ravages of currency debasement look like!  Americans had better take a page from world history, and get out of Dollars that have nothing truly backing them and are printed at will at the whim & folly of the U.S. Central Bank.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $15,500
1.54 carats

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy Deep Grayish Yellowish GREEN
VS2, very clean


DEEP Grayish Yellowish GREEN 1.54 carat ROUND Brilliant cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

DEEP Grayish Yellowish GREEN 1.54 carat ROUND Brilliant cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, SIDE VIEW


One of my favorite diamond colors that reminds one of Green Moss in the forest.  A Round Brilliant cut is rare in colored diamonds since the geometry of the cut normally itself to producing the maximum amount of white light through the table and crown facets of the cut diamond.  This maximizes Brilliance and Scintillation in a colorless diamond.  However,  the colored diamond cutter of a round diamond will increase the length of travel of inherent colored light through the pavilion and girdle facets to richen and deepen the saturation of color being emitted through the table and crown facets.

There is lots of body color to this OLIVE diamond as depicted by the Side View ( also called the BODY View ).  The cutter just took it several steps further and produces a top-down view of color that is indeed Deep and very saturated.

Excellent collector's colored diamond for the first time buyer or even for a seasoned collector / investor.  The 1.5 plus carat size and VS2 Clarity only add to the appeal of this rare diamond.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

-  $47,500
0.19 carat

OVAL Brilliant Cut
Fancy DEEP GREEN ( Emerald! )
VS2, exceptionally clean


Fancy DEEP Pure Green 0.19 carat OVAL Brilliant cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy DEEP Pure Green 0.19 carat OVAL Brilliant cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


This is the richest, deepest GREEN colored diamond I have ever seen in the last 15 years of dealing in the rarest of fancy colored diamonds.  It reminds me of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, where the then new TechniColor film technology produced extremely vibrant colors for moviegoers.  I also want to label this color a Coke Bottle Green, but it is so long ago that I used to see these now almost extinct containers in very thick Dark Green bottle glass, that I am no longer sure of that comparison.

Don't ever get caught up on carat weight when buying the rarest of the rare in colored diamond.  Great things do indeed come in small packages, and if this diamond was 50 points or larger, it would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, easily.  This is literally a museum-quality diamond.  If you ever wanted a Green diamond as part of your portfolio or collection, this is the diamond.

Very well-made diamond with resultant VS2 clarity which is no easy feat in cutting Green diamonds which are characteristically strewn with brown and green patches of radiation-induced color.  When radiating the carbonic crystal over millions of years, Mother Nature ended up creating patches of color within the nascent diamond rough, and not a homogeneous crystalline structure with evenly distributed coloration throughout.

Furthermore, and whether a result of uber-skillful cutting or inherent body color (choose to think the latter based on Side View above!), THERE ARE NO HINTS OF YELLOWISH HUES WHEN THIS DIAMOND IS ROTATED IN NATURAL LIGHT (around 3500 Kelvin).  Most Green diamonds that are graded as Pure Green are actually going to measure as Yellowish Green when their color is measured by instrumentation.  BUY IT WHILE I HAVE IT.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $104,600
0.35 carat

Cushion Brilliant Cut
VS2, superb Clarity.


Fancy DEEP BLUE 0.35 carat Cushion cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy DEEP BLUE 0.35 carat Cushion cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


Deep as the Deep Blue Sea!!  At all levels of the colored diamond business, cutters, dealers, and collectors/investors seldom find such a richly-saturated Blue Diamond.  Remember that the famous Hope Diamond is graded a Dark Grayish Blue, while the exquisite specimen above portrays no grayish hues and is considered a  lighter shade of Blue than the Hope Diamond being at the Deep level of color versus the Hope's Dark level.  More black added to the color palette on the Hope diamond.

From the Table and Crown Views, this diamond almost looks like a blue sapphire it is so deeply blue in color.  The second image above, called either a Tweezers view or Body Color view, shows the actual tone of blue contained within this Steel Blue diamond.

Many Americans are unaware of the risk to the U.S. Dollar's status as Reserve Currency of continued trading pacts in Yuan, Rubles, Reals, and other non-Dollar currencies around the world.  As the amounts of total trading increases exponentially in the period ahead, Americans will see the purchasing power of their currency decline with the depreciation of the Dollar for simple Supply & Demand reasons; European and Asian users of oil and natural gas will no longer have to purchase Dollars in order to conduct business around the globe.  Furthermore, a significant collapse of the Dollar's value against other currencies is almost inevitable given the dire state of U.S. fiscal health, financial system health, and economic health.  We are already in Phase II of the Greater Depression.

A very rare fancy colored diamond such as this Deep Blue wonder provides financial privacy, portability anywhere in the world, and a store of wealth that has been difficult to match in the thousands of years these diamonds have been coveted for these very reasons.  Getting rid of as many Dollars as possible will prove to be a very sound strategy for protecting purchasing power and wealth in the very turbulent times we see ahead.  By the time colored diamonds appear on the cover of Time Magazine, the availability of same will be limited and the prices will be sky-high.  This is one party that coming early to will prove highly beneficial to those with enough foresight to see the writing on the wall.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $63,750
0.44 carat

Radiant Brilliant Cut
SI2, totally Eye-Clean


DEEP BLUE GREEN 0.44 carat Rectangular Radiant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

DEEP BLUE GREEN 0.44 carat Rectangular Radiant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, SIDE VIEW


This Aquamarine color in diamond is much, much rarer than most dealers and collectors realize, and this excellent specimen has been cut by an obviously very skilled craftsman.  In approaching the cutting of any colored diamond rough, the cutter is attempting to maximize color saturation through the top or table view while maintaining as much carat weight as possible.  This goal has been magnificently achieved in this 44 point DEEP Blue-Green diamond utilizing a modified rectangular radiant cut that produces a very rich depth of color from the table view.

Even though the U.S. Dollar is having a temporary rally against other world currencies, the Smart Money sees the writing on the wall that the United States is going to have to inflate itself out of the Debt Morass it is currently mired within.  Printing Dollars to service U.S. debt is probably inevitable at this point, we are so far beyond the turning back point in fiscal & monetary health, so that it will be the race to the bottom as all developed nations attempt to devalue their currencies at the same time.  The most savvy investor, with a global view of finance & economics, is exiting fiat currencies as quickly as possible and purchasing tangible assets to prepare for the depressionary storm ahead.

Not a cheery viewpoint to present amongst such beautiful works of Nature, but the rarest and most expensive fancy colored diamonds are flying off the shelves as my fingers type this commentary.  Get out of financial assets while you can.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $750,000
1.00 carat

Modified OVAL Brilliant Cut
SI1, clean visually


Fancy DEEP VIOLETISH BLUE 1.00 carat Oval Cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy DEEP VIOLETISH BLUE 1.00 carat Oval Cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


I have been emphasizing both Violet and Purple diamonds to clients for some time now, and those who have listened to me have done very well from a price appreciation standpoint.  I still think these two exceptionally rare color classes of diamond are under-priced today in relation to their absolute rarity.  Although you may have fainted at the price listed for this diamond, I can assure you based on my experience in the Violet-Blue arena of diamonds that it is actually a quite reasonable price given the characteristics of this diamond.

I understand that GIA has done some instrument analysis of this diamond's position in the color spectrum, but before I hammered a deal with any of my clients on the purchase of this diamond, I would obtain the much-touted Colored Diamond Report on same from Stephen C. Hofer.  Stephen is a color scientist, a former GIA grader, and even a diamond cutter, so one can never go wrong on seeking his most expert advice on any high-end colored diamond.

Because Violet and Blue are so close together on the color spectrum, it is essential that the color of this diamond be measured by someone who is a renowned color expert, such as Mr. Hofer.  Further, I think there are some elements of Purple in this diamond as well.  It could merely be the diffraction of light creating this purplish hue, but I would not be surprised if this diamond measured as a Purplish Violetish (or Violet) Blue.  That extremely rare color combination would set this diamond further apart from other Violetish Blue diamonds, adding to its already considerable worth.

Since many countries that are large exporters to the United States are carrying a huge surplus of Dollars currently, the most expensive, rarest sector of the fancy colored diamond market is receiving the most purchase activity.  These holders of Dollars, know that the U.S. has severe debt, fiscal, and governance problems and have seen one country after another throughout history attempt to devalue or re-value their domestic currencies to make the debt & obligation service burden easier.  The writing is on the wall, so to speak, for the continued race to the bottom amongst competing currencies in the months and years ahead.

The Dollar will devalue against hard assets that cannot be produced in infinite quantities even if it rallies against other fiat, produced in the Trillions, currencies.

For example, this diamond allows a Chinese businessman to get out of a lot of Dollars in a very compact, private, and globally tradable way.  Hence, these extreme rarities are literally flying off the shelves.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

-  $97,500
0.35 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy VIVID Purple PINK
( ARGYLE Inscribed )
SI2, totally eye-clean


Fancy VIVID Purple PINK 0.35 carat ROUND Brilliant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy VIVID Purple PINK 0.35 ct. ROUND cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Argyle Mine Tag #163521


Superb Pink diamond, a color class that is increasingly difficult to obtain at either a reasonable price or with a diamond body that is free of distracting inclusions.  As the Argyle mine in Western Australia exhausts more and more of the diamond pipes that have allowed open-pit mining to date, the excursion into more deep-shaft mining seems to produce Pink diamonds with more and more inclusions.

This Purple Pink diamond is truly an eye-clean specimen at SI2 since that top-down view above does not display any distracting inclusions, even to the expert eye using a 10x loupe.  The GIA diagram of inclusions supports this view since the vast majority of inclusions are found in the crown facets which are off-axis to the viewer and thus less apparent as a rule.

Purple, an even rarer color in diamond than Pink, produces a tonal quality in Pink diamonds that is very appealing, and it becomes readily apparent when comparing Pink diamonds which diamond has a Purplish versus a PURPLE modifying color.  Per GIA's guidelines and experience, Purple is approximately 20% to 30% of the color composition in a Purple Pink diamond.

This very rare Purple Pink diamond has the Argyle control number 163521 inscribed by laser on its girdle, but as is often the case with diamond cutters, the last owner of this diamond never sought or received the Argyle Mine certificate itself.  No matter.  It is without question an Argyle diamond that can be traced to a particular Argyle Tender and the Argyle Mine itself with some footwork.  Furthermore, this well-made Purple Pink diamond carries all of the characteristics of a true Argyle diamond to boot.

Did I mention that few colored diamonds are found in the Brilliant Round cut, another rarity factor for this Raspberry Diamond.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $41,000.00
7.23 carats 
ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy DARK (Greenish) Gray
I1, but no distracting inclusions.



Fancy Dark Greenish GRAY 7.23 carats Round cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Dark Greenish GRAY 7.23 carats Round cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond - Side View


THIS IS ONE VERY LARGE ROUND BRILLIANT CUT FANCY COLORED DIAMOND!  Probably the largest fancy colored diamond that WCM has offered for sale in the last decade plus.  In addition to its uniquely large carat weight, this Dark Gray diamond possesses a distinct Greenish composition that may well be further modified by the incorporation of a dash of Bluish hues.  Mother Nature found it impossible to provide such a massive masterpiece without some internal inclusions, but one can see from the excellent high-resolution images above that these are minor, minor issues in a gem that will never be found again, anywhere.  None of them lead the un-magnified eye immediately to an offending spot.  I am not sure what would be the best common name color for this diamond; the side-view body color almost hints of a teal color, but whatever parallel one makes to other colored objects made in nature, it will be a positive descriptor.  For the discerning collector that wants the largest possible carbonic wonder and one with a color that defies the viewer to categorize.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $9,650
1.17 carats

EMERALD Brilliant Cut
Fancy DARK (Greenish) Gray
I1, but nothing distracting


Fancy DARK Greenish Gray 1.17 carats Emerald cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


Now, as my growing flock of clients and followers know, I studied oil painting at the tender age of 10.  I was no Michelangelo, but I was an adroit scholar of color and color combinations, a skill I have carried into these much more senior years.  So tell me that this diamond does not exhibit a Dark Olive coloration, and you may win the all-expense-paid trip to Buffalo in February of 2015.  Or a trip to Capitol Hill for a Senate Committee investigation of Lois Lerner who eventually will spill the beans.

I have been promoting Gray diamonds to clients for at least 5 years now, and while pricing has not taken off like the Cognac class of Brown(ish) Orange diamonds I promoted over a decade ago, they are bound to with time.  It is the color modifier that imparts rarity to Gray diamonds, and as a subset of colored diamonds, investors and collectors in the future will come to realize that they are at least 1000x more rare than colorless, "white" diamonds.  The introduction in Nature of a second color adds the proverbial "flavor" to a Gray diamond.

Emerald cuts make for beautiful fancy colored diamonds that exhibit plenty of life and scintillation.  Seeing is believing.  Large rare diamond for a modest price.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $11,000
1.11 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy DEEP Brownish ORANGE
I1, very difficult to detect inclusion.


Fancy DEEP Brownish ORANGE 1.11 carats ROUND cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy DEEP Brownish ORANGE 1.11 carats ROUND cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


Once again I have to do a double-take on the color of this diamond, since my eyes are telling me that there appears to be some Reddish hues internal to this very unique and, hence, rare colored diamond.  Now the combination of a Deep, chocolate Brown and a lighter Orange coloration can trick the eye into seeing a reddish hue, but the side view shows regions of Red toward the Culet facet at the bottom of the diamond's Pavilion facets.  This diamond is a keeper no matter what Color Description you assign to it.  You could get three different color descriptions from three different expert graders on this diamond with the three colors of Deep Brown, Orange, and Red.

I have seen very few diamonds of such a rich Cognac color, and if you are collecting Cognac colored diamonds ( since I have told clients to do this for over a decade now! ), this specimen is a must for your collection.  Since Orange is graded as the predominant color, this is a high-end Cognac diamond as to rarity of color.

There is a cloud inclusion just beneath the Table facet of this Deep class of colored diamond, but because of its location near the Table-Crown interface and its size in relation to the Table's total area, it is pretty hard to see without squinting.  The Deep Brown tint to this diamond makes this like-colored cloud additionally hard to see.  For all intents and purposes:  Eye-clean.

Buy it, you will be glad you did.  Cognac diamonds have been appreciating by some 10% to 15% per annum as long as I can remember; almost as long as I have been recommending them.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $57,500
6.10 carats

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
Fancy Dark Yellow Brown
SI1, eye-clean


Dark Yellow Brown 6.10 carat Radiant cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


A natural Golden / Honey colored diamond of magnificent carat weight at 6.10 carats is seldom offered for sale.  This Brown diamond with an approximately 30% Yellow component, is very earthy in flavor, while its very large size puts it in a class of fancy colored diamonds that is increasingly popular with well-healed investors and collectors.

That is the 5 carat Plus category of colored diamonds where the rarest of colors command prices in 6 and 7 figures at the drop of a hat.  At just over $8,000 per carat, this Dry Leaf or Honey diamond is immensely affordable, and lends itself to the creation of a broach that would be in a class by itself.  I seldom see such large diamonds for sale, and when available, they do not stay around long.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $24,150
0.27 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Argyle Laser Inscription
SI2, eye-clean


Fancy INTENSE PINE 0.27 carat ROUND Brilliant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


A very rare Argyle PINK diamond at the Intense level of color that has provenance via the laser inscription of A 20884 on the girdle of this very well made diamond; the "A" that I refer to is really a stylized "A" that is the trademark of the Argyle Mine. There is a slight hint of Orangey hues from the top-down or table view of this superb Pink diamond, but neither GIA nor the side-view or body view really confirm this impression to any degree of noteworthiness.  The presence of the Argyle Mine's characteristic white feathers and embedded minute crystals within the crystalline structure of the diamond is another way to confirm the Western Australian origin of this diamond.

Regardless of the fact that Argyle Pink diamonds have steadily moved up in price over 35% per annum since 2005, there is nothing in the state of the world today to suggest that this trend will not continue or even accelerate as the wheels come off the global bus.  Very tough times ahead, and as domestic currencies are devalued through money printing or outright devaluations by Central Banks, the store of wealth history and purpose of fancy colored diamonds will come boldly into play.

Since the table region of this fine Intense Pink diamond is totally free of any natural inclusions, the diamond has been graded SI2 by GIA and our in-house GIA-trained gemologists.  Of interest to new investors and collectors of Pink diamonds is the fact that you actually want some inclusions to be present in a Pink diamond to provide source of origin confirmation, especially those characteristic of the Argyle Mine.

Buy a Pink diamond while there are some available at a price you can afford.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $18,500
2.04 carats, total, Matched Pair

ROUND Brilliant Cuts
Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green
( OLIVES, 1.01 ct. & 1.03 ct. )
VS2 & SI2 Clarities


Matched Pair Grayish Yellowish GREEN OLIVE 2.04 total carats Round cuts VS2 SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamonds

Matched Pair Grayish Yellowish GREEN OLIVE 2.04 total carats Round cuts VS2 SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamonds, Side View


Okay, you procrastinating men out there have a chance to beat the Christmas rush, and buy these perfectly matched OLIVE colored diamonds for that significant other and avoid the hustle and bustle at the malls in December.  Won't find such high-end Chameleon diamonds that change color when placed in a dark box for a few hours, and change again to another color when slightly heated.  I always get a kick out of that second condition, because it is one where the classic warning:  "KIDS, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME" should be posted.

We will be glad to set these Olive diamonds into a beautiful pair of earrings for you also, so just give us the word.  Possibly, stud earrings with a tear-drop, Pear colorless diamond around 35 to 50 points would be a knock-out pair that would get the tongues wagging at the next cocktail party you and she attend.  But the sky is the limit on the jewelry design you would like this very distinct pair of Olive colored diamonds mounted within.

This type of unique and high-value jewelry always stands the test of time as to not only holding its value, but as to actual price appreciation.  This should get you guys out of the Dog House for at least a few weeks!  Do your Holiday shopping early this year.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $49,700
0.44 carat,

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
SI2 Clarity



Deep BLUE GREEN 0.44 carat Radiant cut SI2 Fancy Colored Diamond

Deep BLUE GREEN 0.44 carat Radiant cut SI2 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


Most collectors, investors, and colored diamond dealers do not realize just how rare this Aquamarine color is in diamond.  It is a perfect blend of Blue and Green to produce a uniqueness of color that will eventually be priced correctly in the marketplace, i.e., higher.  This is an opportunity for the astute colored diamond buyer that will not last much longer.  Especially as we start having bank failures overseas in Europe and China that will eventually wash upon America shores.

To think that global banks are better positioned for the unfolding depression than they were in 2008 is a very false assumption.  Their derivatives exposures are massive once again, and Deutsche Bank in Germany is probably the first domino to go in a chain-reaction of failures throughout EuroLand that is destined to begin at any moment.  Fancy colored diamonds are a perfect avenue for placing funds that you withdraw from the shaky banking structure of 2016's world.

Back to the diamond at hand.  With Very Good Polish, Good Symmetry, no fluorescence, and Eye-Clean SI2 Clarity this 44 point, "large" colored diamond is a fine specimen for any portfolio or collection.  As the body or side view of the diamond shows, the Deep designation really comes to the forefront from the masterful cutting of the diamond rough.  But the purity of the Blue and Green combination is evident throughout the crystalline structure of this marvel of Mother Nature.  No synthetic diamond can hold a candle to this rarity and beauty of color.  Would you buy a Picasso knock-off for collecting or investing purposes??  Certainly not.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $30,000
0.20 carat,

OVAL Brilliant Cut
VIVID PINK, Argyle Origin
VS2 Clarity



VIVID PINK 0.20 carat Oval cut VS2 Fancy Colored Diamond

VIVID PINK 0.20 carat Oval cut VS2 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


The pinnacle of Pink diamond provenance, an Argyle mine diamond with an Argyle Mine Certificate.  The prices of Pink diamonds, especially ones of this pedigree and documentation, have been rising steadily over the last 15 years, in particular.  Popularity of this color has been a major driving force in price appreciation after the purchase of several high-end Pink diamonds by individuals of fame and notoriety sparked the initial surge in demand many years ago.

Couple this popularity with a steadily depleted supply of Pink diamonds, not only from the Argyle Mine but from everywhere in the world, and the ingredients for a strong price rally are all there.

This Vivid Pink diamond is so saturated that the common name description for its color as being a Raspberry diamond is more than appropriate.  A Clarity of VS2 is very positive for this Argyle Pink because increasingly the material from the mine has been notably included with many white feathers and even an abundance of carbon spots.  Not with this Raspberry Pink!  Totally eye-clean.

With Good Polish and Good Symmetry, this Raspberry Pink diamond would make the perfect initial foray into the realm of Fancy Pink diamonds.  And there is no mention of a secondary color modifier such as orange or purple by GIA for this Pink.  A PURE Pink diamond, even rarer.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $22,300
1.39 carats,

RADIANT Stepped Cut
VVS2 Clarity, pristine



Vivid Yellow 1.39 ct. Radiant Stepped cut VVS2 GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamond

Vivid Yellow 1.39 ct. Radiant Stepped cut VVS2 GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


Excellent example of a Canary Yellow diamond at the VIVID level of color saturation.  There are two characteristics of the cut that are both interesting and unique for a RADIANT cut diamond.  The crown facets have been Step cut as would be done in an Emerald cut diamond to once again maximize color and carat weight.  So, technically, as GIA did in its Colored Diamond Report, the cut would be described as a Mixed cut since it incorporates the elements of two distinct shape cuts of diamond, Radiant & Emerald.

As I discussed in Item #1123 above, symmetry is often compromised in the cut of fancy colored diamonds to produce a cut diamond of maximum weight and color saturation.  If you observe the crown/girdle intersection of the bottom of the first image, you will see that this cut is not linear, but slightly curved.  Hence, this eye-popping Canary gets a Good Symmetry grade, but still has an Excellent Polish grade. 

With pristine clear VVS2 Clarity, any of the above observations wash away to provide a collector's colored diamond.  Colored diamonds are never held to the same standards of cut that an Ideal cut Colorless diamond is held to.  Two very different sets of  requirements presented to the master cutter.  Get out of Dollars and banks while you still have your shirt or blouse.  Cash balances in banks around the world at risk even more so than in 2008.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $21,000
3.01 carats,

OVAL Brilliant cut
SI1-2 Clarity, eye-clean



Deep Brown ORANGE COGNAC 3.01 carats Oval cut SI1-2 GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamond

Deep Brown ORANGE COGNAC 3.01 carats Oval cut SI12 GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


As frequent visitors to my two diamond websites know, COGNAC diamonds are one of my favorite color classes and have been for over a decade now.  Prices for large 2 carat and larger Cognacs have gone up substantially over the last 5 years, but this 3.01 carat beauty is very favorably priced, and is highly recommended by me, a broker and collector who has his own Cognac collection.

The reason I put SI1 to SI2 in the Clarity designation is because of the diagram that GIA drew on the full GIA report attached.  The GIA diagram makes the very minute inclusion area, see the 3 dark spots from the Body View or Side View image above, look to appear in the Table View or Top-Down View.  This is not the case with the actual diamond.  As this second image above shows, the inclusions pertinent to the Clarity grade are within the body of the diamond as seen behind the two pavilion facets.  Since GIA does not show a body or side view diagram, they showed the inclusions in the table view.

However, I have looked at this diamond from the grader's perspective and one cannot see these inclusions at all from the typical viewpoint of looking at the diamond on a line of sight perpendicular to the diamond's table, the Table or Top-down View.

As Shakespeare would have said, "Much to do about nothing", but I am providing some education at no extra charge here on this diamond.  So the diamond's very insignificant and hard to see inclusions should not influence the buyer one way or the other.  Enough said.  Most fancy colored diamonds possess a Clarity grade of SI2 just for the record and it truly is all about COLOR, COLOR, COLOR in considering these rare diamonds.

Stellar AMBER specimen of diamond with Excellent Polish and Good Symmetry.  Better buy it before I do.




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