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2.24 carat GIA Radiant Cut VIVID Yellow SI2

VIVID Yellow 2.24 carat Radiant Cut GIA certified Colored Diamond

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GIA Report

Shape & Cutting Style



7.86 x 7.09 x 4.35 mm 


2.24 carats 

COLOR Origin



VIVID Yellow

COLOR Distribution


Finish - Polish

Very Good

Finish - Symmetry


Clarity Grade




Grader's Comments


WCM Gemologist's Comments:


Yellow diamonds are flying off the shelves as engaged couples, collectors, and investors snatch them up while they are still reasonably available and priced.  Whether Jennifer Lopez started this colored diamond craze with her prior engagement ring, it is hard to tell, but the publicity given that outstanding gem coincided with a spurt in demand and prices that has lasted to this day; in fact, demand and prices are accelerating as we approach 2005.  The Vivid Yellow that WCM offers herein is a very rich hue of daffodil yellow that will please the most discerning of buyer for years and years to come.  Demand is so strong, that I can present a yellow diamond in the morning to a prospective client, and by the afternoon the diamond is already sold.  There is also a sea change occurring in the investment sphere where traditional asset investors are realizing that most stocks, bonds, and real estate are over-priced. 


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