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2.82 carat GIA Radiant Cut VIVID Yellow SI1

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GIA Report

Shape & Cutting Style



8.47 x 7.46 x 4.71 mm 


2.82 carats 

COLOR Origin



VIVID  Yellow

COLOR Distribution


Finish - Polish


Finish - Symmetry


Clarity Grade




Grader's Comments

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WCM Gemologist's Comments:


It must be providence that I receive this gem for sale the day of the Academy Awards in Hollywood.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science is doing promotional work on fancy colored diamonds this year, since the pink diamond worn last year by Jennifer Lopez created such a stir in the jewelry business after the show.  And colored diamonds have gained in further widespread popularity ever since, with Fancy Yellow diamonds leading the advance in customer requests for colored diamonds due to affordability.  This Vivid Yellow is one of the rarest of the rare yellow diamonds, with a pure deepness of color saturation untainted by the presence of any secondary coloration.  Some secondary coloration can be very appealing in a colored diamond, but this diamond's value is greatly enhanced by it purity and vividness of yellow.  As time progresses, and it has already occurred over the last 3 years, these more saturated yellows in the Vivid designation will be even harder to obtain than they are now.  And prices continue to advance smartly at 25% to 35% per year.  GOT VIVID?!


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