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1.35 carat GIA Cushion Cut Yellow-GREEN SI2

Fancy Yellow-GREEN 1.35 carat Cushion cut GIA-certified Colored Diamond

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GIA Report

Shape & Cutting Style



6.54 - 5.96 x 3.85 mm 


1.35 carats 

COLOR Origin




COLOR Distribution


Finish - Polish


Finish - Symmetry


Clarity Grade

SI2, Eye-Clean


Faint Yellow

Grader's Comments


WCM Gemologist's Comments:


Very few jewelers are aware of the fact that Green colored diamonds are more rare than Blue diamonds.  Every time that I acquire a green diamond for sale, I get excited because I know how rare they truly are.  I would have graded this flora-colored beauty a yellowish-Green as green is the dominant color to the eye, but this under- grading by GIA is a plus for a potential buyer.  The carbon spots, and remember that Mother Nature uses carbon as the primary ingredient in making diamonds, are only visible with magnification and these images are around 30x, not the 10x standard used for clarity determinations.  You will not be able to see these carbon spots when you gaze first-hand down through the table of the rarity.  And please remember it is COLOR, COLOR, COLOR when it comes to these very rare diamonds, not the traditional parameters that are used to judge brilliant white diamonds.  The yellow facet flashes are possibly why GIA graded this diamond an equally Yellow and Green colored diamond, but the predominant color to the eye is Green, Green, Green.  Spend some green to get some green.


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