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5 piece Colored Diamond Set Of "Light Passing Through A Prism", 1.62 carats total weight, GIA & S. Hofer certified, Fancy, Intense, & Deep colorations, VS2 to SI2 Clarities, Totally Eye-Clean.

A very rare, cutter's lot of fancy colored diamonds incorporating a Pink, a Blue, and an Orange diamond in one set.  Not to mention a very Green chameleon diamond.

A.  Fancy INTENSE Orangey Pink 0.23 carat Marquise Cut

Stephen C. Hofer Report, dated 09/14/06

B.  Fancy DEEP Grayish Yellowish GREEN 0.24 carat Modified Radiant Cut
Chameleon color shifting diamond.

GIA Report 15078038, dated 06/27/06

C.  Fancy Grayish BLUE 0.32 carat Radiant Cut
A very Blue colored diamond.

GIA Report 15142738, dated 08/03/05

D.  Fancy INTENSE Yellow 0.32 carat Radiant Cut

GIA Report 14838338, dated 12/22/05

E.  Fancy INTENSE Yellow ORANGE 0.51 carat EMERALD Cut
Decidedly Orange Diamond.

GIA Report 15010219, dated 05/02/06